Glad® Force Flex Max Strength With Clorox™ Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags, 13 Gallon Grey Trash Bags, Lemon Fresh Bleach Scent, 120 Count

Glad® and Clorox have joined forces to create a trash bag with the strength of Glad® and the scent of Clorox™ Lemon Fresh Bleach scent. Glad® ForceFlex MaxStrength with Clorox™ Tall Kitchen Trash Bags are 25% more durable* and help eliminate food and bacterial odors to help keep your kitchen smelling clean. These 13 gallon bags feature an outer leak protection layer and an inner layer that stretches to prevent rips and tears. These versatile garbage bags feature the clean smell of Lemon Fresh Bleach. The drawstring grips the trash can, keeping the bag in place. These bags are made with 100% renewable electricity. And here’s something cool: if everyone in the U.S. chose Glad® drawstring trash bags it would save 100 million pounds of plastic from going into landfills every year**. *Compared to a standard 13-gallon Glad Kitchen bag. **Based on IRI sales data. Glad® Kitchen drawstring bags are made with 7% to 22% less plastic vs top 10 competitors.