Kool Aid Jammers Variety Pack Shrink Wrap (41947 00001 C3433938) 1.87 Gal (7.08 L) English

Fun tastes so good with Kool Aid Jammers artificially flavored juice box Variety Pack! This delicious variety pack contains 20 Tropical Punch, 10 Cherry and 10 Grape flavored juice pouches providing options for all flavor lovers. Each pouch contains 6 fl oz of our juice drink. Our fruity drink pouches also contain 75% less sugar than leading regular sodas (per 12 fl oz, this product 10g total sugar, leading regular sodas 40g total sugar), making them great artificially fruit flavored drinks for kids. Packaged in a convenient drink pouch, kids can enjoy Kool Aid wherever they are going. Whether you're heading to the beach on a sunny day with the family, having a playdate at home, or bringing one on the road to your next activity, simply enjoy the everyday with Kool Aid Jammers juice drink pouches. Our portable delicious drink pouches are the go-to option for active kids. A preferred choice for school lunches, field trips, birthday parties and much more, our kids drink delivers tasty on-the-go refreshment they'll love. Conveniently sealed in a pouch with an attached straw for easy sipping, Kool Aid Jammers are a non-carbonated kids drink that parents trust. Invented in 1927, Kool Aid drink mix is now sold around the world in a wide variety of different flavors and formats. Make life fun, flavorful and easy with a rainbow of Kool Aid flavors.