Huggies Diapers, Disney Baby, 3 (16 28 Lb) 88 Ea

Parenting might be hard, but thanks to Huggies Snug & Dry Baby Diapers, diapering doesn’t have to be. As the only leading brand that is entirely fragrance free,** Snug & Dry newborn diapers are made to be free of fragrances, added lotions, parabens and natural rubber latex. When it comes to keeping your baby dry, Snug & Dry diapers are there for you even in messy situations. Our Snug & Dry infant diapers are up to 100% leak proof, even from blowouts, and offer up to 20% more leak protection.* Made with the original Leak Lock blowout blocker, Snug & Dry baby diapers help protect against blowouts and ensuing messes. Additionally, these diapers are designed with a curved and stretchy fit for outstanding leakage protection. Made to help your baby live their best life, our infant diapers feature 2X comfort design to provide outstanding softness and gentle protection. An added wetness indicator changes colors when the diaper is wet, allowing you to know right when the diaper needs to be changed. Featuring exclusive Disney designs, Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers are available in size Newborn (6-9 lb.), size 1 (8-14 lb.), size 2 (12-18 lb.), size 3 (16-28 lb.), size 4 (22-37 lb.), size 5 (27+ lb.), size 6 (35+ lb.), size 7 (41+ lb.) and size 8 (46+ lb.). (*urine leaks vs. Pampers Baby Dry, Size 4) (**among leading national diaper brands, across all offered variants) (***among branded open diapers. Excludes preemie size.)